Professional Training

Interactive Marketing Summit, MMI Türkiye, November 2007
CRM Summit, Gartner, Istanbul, October 2007
Loyalty & Customer Experience Management Conference, Mc Evans, Berlin, June 2007
CRMGuru – CRM Conference, Santa Cruz, USA , June 2005
Differentiation, Jack Trout, Koç University, May 2005
Kotler Day, Istanbul, October 2004
A new approach to consumer loan’s risk evaluation PwC + TBB, September 2004
Business Intelligence Summit, Gartner, Istanbul, May 2004
Conference IT for Export, Turkish Exporters Counsil, Istanbul , May 2003
CRM Executive Forum, Unisys Int’l Management Center, Nice, France, February 2003
CRM in Down Economy Don Peppers, Istanbul, June 2002
Information Economics, Teradata-NCR, Edinburgh, UK, April 2002
Management Skills Development Program, Istanbul, March 2002
Effective Approaches for Effective Performance, Istanbul, September 2001
CRM in Crisis Environment, GO 4 Marketing, Istanbul, June 2001
CRM Partners Meeting, NCR, Orlando USA, April 2001
Adaptation to Change & Vision Development, Istanbul, January 2001
CRM Processes, Ron Swift, Istanbul, May 2000
Power of One, NCR, Nice, France, May 2000
Understanding Customer Behavior, Unisys Int’l Management Center, Nice, France, February 2000
International Retail Conference 99, Istanbul, November 1999
Global Competitiveness Model, ITC – UNCTAD / WTO, Istanbul , November 1999
8th  National Quality Congress, Istanbul, November 1999
Psycho Selling, Bruce King, Istanbul, September 1999
Time Management, TMI, Istanbul, July 1999
Managing the Customer Cycle, Experian, Monaco, May 1999
Orchestration of Management, TMI, Istanbul, May 1999
Putting People First, TMI, Istanbul, August 1998
11th Cards Conference, Lafferty, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 1998
Developing Affinity & Co-branded Programmes, Europay Int’l, Waterloo, November 1997
Strategic Direction in Card Promotion, Europay Int’l, Istanbul, November 1997
Understanding Chip Card Business, VISA Int’l, Istanbul, March 1997
10th Cards Conference, Lafferty, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 1997
Business Management Grid, ATIFTAP, Philippines, Mai 1995
Managing the Leasing Company, Amembal & Halladay, Istanbul, April 1994
Total Quality Management, D.C. Gardner, Istanbul, November 1993
Advanced Lease Pricing Course, Euromoney London, UK, October 1993
Financial Analysis Techniques, Istanbul, June 1993
Leasing: Advanced Pricing & Portfolio Analysis, Amembal & Halladay, Istanbul, April 1993
Leasing: Creative Financial Alternative, Amembal & Halladay, Istanbul, March 1993
Financial Analysis Techniques, D.C. Gardner, Istanbul, March 1993
Essay Writing in English, February 1993
Effective Presentation Skills, , January 1993
Managing Productivity Simulation, M. Apergis,  in-house, Istanbul, October 1992
Advanced Negotiation Skills, D.C. Gardner Istanbul, August 1992
Banking Correspondence in English, Turkish Banking Association, July 1992
Practical Management & Performance Appraisal Workshop, Train the Trainer Program, in-house, Istanbul, May 1991
Practical Management & Performance Appraisal Workshop, Istanbul, March 1991
Quality Customer Service, in-house, Istanbul, February 1991
Time Manager, Istanbul, February 1990
Negotiation Skills, Athens – Greece, November 1985