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25 Eylül 2021 Cumartesi

CRM Road Map Preparation-2

Phase Zero, is the most important phase of CRM project

The most important phase of all projects is the planning period.

In CRM projects, we call this phase zero. If this phase is well managed, yields can be achieved both cheaply and quickly.

If it starts with “What is CRM… It’s a trashy software”… or with “Call the software vendor companies, let’s listen to them”… Money and time losses,  unmet needs within the company, unhappy executives, pain and sadness, “Tragic” and/or “Drama” memories are inevitable…

I explain this in class with the following example:

There are 6 different modules in your mind when you set off. E.g:

  • Customer unification
  • Customer-oriented data warehouse
  • Campaign management
  • Customer touch point screens
  • Re-design of processes that touch the customer
  • Analytical CRM

When the targeted time comes, you will see that only one of them has been done properly.

Some of us look back, “What happened to other jobs we assumed we’d do?” The picture above also clarifies the concept of “looking like a goose” (a Turkish idiom).

Consider Phase Zero. If you start wrong, you will not reach the right goal.

Don’t be the one who sets out with 6 cubs, doesn’t pay attention to where you’re going, and then looks back in sadness.


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