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08 Kasım 2020 Pazar

Customer Data Requirements

No wind will help those who do not know where to go.


We were doing a CRM workshop at a company.

While explaining the data part of the job, I wrote on the board

Then I asked “What information would you like to learn from your target audience?”.

Regardless of the industry, there are almost always the same answers. They also repeated the list below.

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth (or Age)
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education (must actually be the School He Finished From)
  • Job
  • Address

I wrote what was said on the board under Data.

Then I asked what the company expected from this study.

The answers were:

  • Which product groups sell better to whom?
  • Who are my most frequent customers and what do they buy?
  • Who are the customers most likely to respond to the offer offered?
  • Which customers are we likely to lose?
  • How often and how should we approach which customers?

and this kind of sentences…

I am not writing in more detail so that it is not clear which company it is.

This time, I wrote what they said under Needs.

Then, the image on the board was:

Let’s talk about how to use the data you mentioned to meet these needs. ” I said. “Does it interest you if someone has a PhD from the USA on advanced financing techniques?

No!” they said.

Does it matter if he is awarded as “the best driver of the city” since the last 3 years?” I asked.

No!” they said.

Apart from the main business subject of the company, I gave a few more examples of education and professions. All had the same answer: “No!

So it is not important for you to “know their profession”. “

I was finally able to get a “Yes” answer.

Its address is also important as you focus on Anatolia as a company. But only at the city and district level…

Yeah!” they said.

Now let’s take a look at the data list we just wrote with this perspective. Let’s ask ourselves again the data required to meet our needs.

After this beginning, we’ve created a more useful (and out of the box) data basket.


We took a break during the workshop. “We’ve never looked this way. We’ve been wondering what to do with the massive data mountain” they said, “We can determine our target more easily now.


I have written many times. There are companies that have a lot of data and cannot use them (such as banks, GSM, supermarkets). However, it does not start with data, it starts with need.

Need → Information → Information (info) → Data

No wind (data) will help those who do not know where to go (need).


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26 Şubat 2009 Perşembe

Veri’nin tanımı

Bilgi güvenliği isimli yazımın yorumlarında Y.Emre Güzerfacebook’ta yer alan bilgilerin birçoğunu müşterilerinizden 1.000 dolar ödeyerek alamazsınız” diye belirtmiş. Hatta Egemen Ergel’in aklına yeni fikirler gelmesine neden olmuş. 🙂

1000 dolar mı? Gerçekten doğru mu? Değerini tartışmadan önce bilgi’nin tanımını yapmalıyız.

Bence daha da önemlisi, data – information – knowledge kelimelerinin her birinin tanımını ve bir diğerinden farkını tartışmalıyız.

Türkçe’de data yerine veri diyoruz. (Fransızca konuşanlar “vermek” kelimesinden türetilen done dediği için…)

Bilgi için okulda öğrendiğim tanımı doğru bulmuşumdur. “Bilgi belirsizliği azaltan bir veri türüdür”. Derslerde de bu tanımı kullanıyorum.

Information ve knowledge yerine farklı Türkçe kelimeler ve tanımlar bilen varsa beni aydınlatsın.